Bismarck Legal Services

Bolinske Law Firm will represent you in all Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

What matters is that if trouble finds you, you have a defense. Bolinske Law Firm can provide that defense for you. The law firm will not only protect your Constitutional rights, they will do so in the face of all felonies, all misdemeanors, and in all locations. Through the past 15 years, Bolinske has defended people from all walks of life against anything ranging from minor driving offenses to more serious cases such as assault charges, drug charges or murder charges.

Bolinske Law Firm will bring its extensive experience to bear to defend its clients’ rights, ensuring that throughout the entire process they are treated fairly. It’s what the Constitution demands.

Bolinske Law Firm also works in all areas of Personal Injury law. What that means for you is that if you find yourself in a difficult situation from anything ranging from a fender bender to medical malpractice to wrongful death, we can help. Bottom line: if you’ve been harmed and it wasn’t your fault, we’ll work to help you regain what you lost.

Your rights are there for a reason and if you find yourself facing charges we will defend you from those charges.

“If you hire the Bolinske Law Firm, you will get a Human Being handling your case, not some stuffy, judgmental, lawyer-type. You learn to be a good lawyer by learning to become a successful human being. Successful human beings understand people. We care about people.” – Robert Bolinske, Jr.