Assertive And Accomplished Defense For State And Federal Felony Charges

A felony is the most serious type of criminal charge you can face. Felonies can be state or federal charges, and they typically are crimes that are punishable by more than one year in prison. Examples of felony charges include homicide, manslaughter, sex crimes, kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Felony criminal charges are prosecuted aggressively, so it is imperative that you have similarly aggressive defense representation. At Bolinske Law Firm, we bring extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of North Dakota criminal law to each client we defend.

Defense Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

Our aim in every case is to minimize the impact that a criminal charge has on your life. In some instances, that means pursuing dismissal of the charges or a finding of not guilty at trial. In other cases, the best strategy is to negotiate reduced charges and possibly seek alternative sentencing. Attorney Robert Bolinske Jr. is both an experienced trial lawyer and a strong negotiator who tailors his approach to the unique aspects of each case.

We emphasize clear communication at every stage, so you will always be informed of all possible outcomes and the options available to you. We will provide a candid assessment of your case and recommend the legal strategy that we believe is in your best interest.

A Lengthy Record Of Success

Mr. Bolinske has tried many criminal cases to jury. He is a graduate of the Western Trial Advocacy Institute in Laramie, Wyoming, which is thought by many to be the finest criminal law advocacy program in the country.

The firm’s record of success speaks for itself. One client that Mr. Bolinske represented faced federal charges of assault with a deadly weapon and was offered a plea deal of six years in prison. Mr. Bolinske took the case to trial instead and the jury found the defendant not guilty. Mr. Bolinske has earned not guilty verdicts or dismissals for clients who faced everything from attempted murder to aggravated assault and felony vandalism.

Every case has its own unique facts. We will take the time to carefully review your case, consider all options and gather any additional evidence necessary before recommending a legal strategy. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch defense representation in a nonjudgmental environment.

We Are Ready To Protect Your Rights

If you face felony charges, nothing short of your future is on the line. We represent clients across North Dakota from offices in Bismarck. Call 701-516-8105 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We will come to you if necessary.