Pedestrian deaths have risen 60% in one decade, says GHSA

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Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon, and moreover, the number of pedestrian deaths has been going up steadily since 2009. The rate of pedestrian fatalities varies from state to state and region to region, but the increase is something that even the residents of Bismarck, North Dakota, should be aware of.

Perhaps you cannot help to be aware of it since you yourself were in a pedestrian accident. In that case, you may want a lawyer to evaluate your situation and see if you can file a claim against the driver. As a recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Administration says, one of the major reasons for the rise in pedestrian fatalities is the greater number of distracted drivers.

The GHSA on pedestrian deaths in 2019

That same report from the GHSA focused on traffic deaths in 2019, the latest year for which at least partial data is available. The GHSA estimates that 6,590 pedestrians died that year, which marks a 5% increase from 2018. Compared to 2009 with its 4,109 pedestrian deaths, it represents a startling 60% spike.

The number has not been this high since 1988. The fatality rate, which came to 2 deaths per 100,000 people, was the highest since 1997. Fatality rates were highest in New Mexico, Hawaii and Florida and lowest in Idaho, Wisconsin and Vermont.

Phone use and more SUVs partially to blame

More and more drivers are being distracted, especially by their phones. The GHSA mentions warmer weather as a second possible factor in the decade-long increase. A third factor is the growing number of SUVs and light trucks on the road: vehicles that are known to be more deadly to pedestrians than ordinary cars. Sixty-nine percent of new vehicles sold in 2019 were light trucks whereas the percentage was 48% in 2009.

Legal representation for a serious case

Pedestrian accidents tend to result in serious injuries for the pedestrians. If this is the case with you, you may seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses by filing a claim. A lawyer may give your case personal attention and assist with each step, including negotiations.