Watford City Legal Services

Bolinske Law Firm will represent you in all Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases in the Watford City area.

The activity in North Dakota’s Oil Patch increases every single day. With every single increase comes new challenges that residents and workers have to face. More traffic, more rigs, more wells and more danger. Throughout all of that comes new legal challenges that many people weren’t asking for and find challenging to deal with.

Robert Bolinske, Jr., of Bolinske Law Firm, has spent the last 15 years representing cases where the people involved were only looking to live their lives and trouble found them. Bolinske has successfully represented cases stemming from a minor traffic problem. Bolinske has successfully represented cases regarding personal injury or death. Bolinske has successfully respresented cases involving serious charges of arson, drugs or murder. The work Bolinske Law Firm has done in representing cases crosses the full range of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury.

Some of those cases have come from the Oil Patch’s now-infamous Highway 85, where vehicular accidents and Oil Patch troubles hit an all-time high in recent years. As such, Bolinske Law is familiar with the courts and the prosecutors in that area. Bolinske has – and will continue to – help defend people whose lives are disrupted – by criminal charges or personal injury – in Watford City and beyond.

Your rights are there for a reason and if you find yourself facing charges we will defend you from those charges.

“If you hire the Bolinske Law Firm, you will get a Human Being handling your case, not some stuffy, judgmental, lawyer-type. You learn to be a good lawyer by learning to become a successful human being. Successful human beings understand people. We care about people.” – Robert Bolinske, Jr.