Dickinson Legal Services

Bolinske Law Firm will represent you in all Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases in the Dickinson area.

With 15 years of experience defending any and all types of cases relating to Criminal Defense and Personal Injury, Robert Bolinske, Jr. and Bolinske Law Firm have what it takes to uphold your Constitutional Rights.

Bolinske Law Firm brings that extensive experience to the southwest portion of Oil Country, North Dakota, in order to help people who find that their rights have been trampled on. Whether trying cases to a Judge or a Jury, Bolinske has built a solid reputation for making sure his clients had the defense they were entitled to by the Constitution. To that end, Bolinske has, and will continue to do, everything in his power to try your case and get the outcome that’s best for you.

Specifically, if trouble of any kind has found you, we can help. We can help if you’ve been involved in vehicle accidents resulting from Oil Field traffic. We can help if you’ve been injured by accidents caused by rigs or wells. We can help in the case of oil field explosions, burns or deaths.

Our methods are tried and true and we have had very good success defending our clients, no matter how they’ve been affected by Oil Country.

Your rights are there for a reason and if you find yourself facing charges we will defend you from those charges.

“If you hire the Bolinske Law Firm, you will get a Human Being handling your case, not some stuffy, judgmental, lawyer-type. You learn to be a good lawyer by learning to become a successful human being. Successful human beings understand people. We care about people.” – Robert Bolinske, Jr.