Below is our list of frequently asked questions. Please click on the question to view the answer. If you questions aren’t answered here please use our contact form to send Bolinske Law an email.

Q:How do I pay for my legal fees?
In criminal cases we charge by the case. Our fees in criminal cases are competitive and fair. Fees obviously vary due to the severity of the offense, number of charges, and complexity of the case. In personal injury cases we charge what is called a "contingent fee". That means if we do not recover monetary damages for you, there are no attorney fees.
Q:How do I pay for the expenses of the case?
In some cases, Bolinske Law Firm will advance the expenses of the case and we will be paid back by you when there is a recovery.
Q:How do you decide whether you will take my case?
We look at many cases and we are not a large firm. Unfortunately, we are not able to help all the people who ask for and need help. We look at each case individually as it comes in. If we believe that we can be of service to you, we will take the case. Sometimes, if we are unable to help you, we know of other lawyers can help, and we will refer you to them.
Q:How much is my case worth?
The value of each case is different and must be evaluated separately. We take a great deal of time to come to a proper evaluation of your case. However you must know that there is never a guarantee of any recovery.
Q:I have been speaking to your legal assistants. When will a lawyer speak to me?
We have legal assistants to assist the lawyers in working your case. The legal assistants are an integral part of our team. Many times the lawyers who are directly responsible for your case are out of the office or are working on other cases. You should know that any time you want to speak with the lawyer who is responsible for your case, every attempt will be made to have the lawyer call you directly at his/her earliest convenience.
Q:How long will it take before we go to trial?
We work all over the state of North Dakota. Each case differs in the amount of time it takes to bring a case to trial. Once we know what court we are in we are in a much better position to estimate the time to trial.
Q:I have been charged with a crime what do I do now?
We advise people to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. You have a constitutional right to remain silent. We advise you to exercise that right, and before speaking to police and investigators, to seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney. This will typically help avoid potentially serious consequences down the road, if you are ultimately charged with a crime.