Sober Driver Arrested for DUI After Deputy Crashes into Her

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A 25-year-old woman, with nothing so much as a speeding ticket blemishing her record, is arrested for drunk driving after an officer rolls through a stop sign and hits her car.

The woman was injured so seriously in the accident, she couldn’t blow into a breath-testing device or perform field sobriety tests. But she was arrested for drunk driving anyway, and she claims those charges were hung over her head by the arresting agency for nearly a year after blood tests proved she was sober.

In February 2013, Milwaukee County Deputy Joseph Quiles was working the night shift at the airport. He pulled out onto a street, and t-boned a passing car, sending it spinning into a tree.

Tanya Weyker was behind the wheel of that car, and her neck was broken in four places because of that accident. As emergency crews tended to her neck injuries, officers at the scene started asking her questions.

“One asked if I had anything to drink that night,” Weyker told WITI, “And I told them a few sips from a friend’s drink.”

A deputy made a note that Weyker’s speech was slurred, she had a light odor of alcohol, and her eyes were red and glassy. Officers arrested Weyker and initially accused her of five charges, including drunk driving causing injury.

Deputy Quiles’ official report stated he stopped at the sign, and then pulled out into the street. However, an airport surveillance camera showed his car rolling through the stop sign without making a complete stop.

But that didn’t stop the county from sending threatening letters claiming they would seek legal action if Weyker didn’t pay for the damage.

Five months later, test results proved Weyker was stone-cold sober during the time of the crash. Still, the case was not dropped and she still faced charges.

Five months later still, the prosecutor dropped the charges after Deputy Quiles gave statements to the Sheriff’s Office’s internal investigator contradicting his initial version of the crash.

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