Williston police still seeking answers in gunshot report

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WILLISTON — Williston police can’t say with certainty that a gunshot was fired at a girl who was riding her bicycle in Williston last week.Police received a report that two men driving an older black Chevy Silverado fired a shot in the area where the 7-year-old girl was riding a bike in the 1900 block of 23rd Street West.

Detective David Peterson said one of two witnesses living in the same household “heard a sound that resembled a 22-caliber gun.”

Petersen said a bullet or a bullet casing have not found been at the scene.

He said police are looking at the bike for evidence that may help to determine why the back tire was flat. The state lab is assisting with the forensic testing.

Injuries to the girl’s right knee area were minor, and it is not known what caused them, he said.

The incident happened in a quiet residential neighborhood that lies northwest of downtown Williston off U.S. Highway 2.

“This is a very important case for the Williston Police Department,” said Peterson. “It’s very, very serious anytime that law enforcement receives a report of anyone being shot at. We’re hoping by the end of the week that we’ll have more answers.”

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to call 701-572-TIPS.

Source: Dickinson Press, “Williston police still seeking answers in gunshot report” Kathleen J. Bryan, July 29, 2014.