Man charged in North Dakota with masquerading as FBI agent

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WILLISTON, N.D. — A convicted con man who swindled Nashville, Tennessee, businesses out of five-star hotel rooms, stretch limousine rides, helicopter rentals and expensive gifts didn’t fare quite as well during a month in the North Dakota oil patch, investigators contend.

Steven Goldmann’s attempt to pass himself off as an FBI agent netted him free coffee, a government rate at a budget hotel and dog treats for his bogus K-9 unit, according to court documents released last week. He’s currently behind bars awaiting trial on federal charges.

Investigators say Goldmann, 26, rolled into Williston, North Dakota, this spring in a silver Chevrolet Tahoe with a police-style light bar attached to the front windshield. He regularly displayed a gun, holster, mace and badge, prosecutors say, and showed up one day at the Boomtown Babes Espresso shop with a passenger who was handcuffed.

Goldmann made frequent visits to the coffee shop, where the baristas dress in tight, revealing clothing and law enforcement officers receive free coffee. But workers there told The Associated Press that they could tell he wasn’t a cop.

“When you’re an officer you carry a certain air about you. He didn’t have it,” manager Angela Neuman said. Rather, she said, “he looked like a scumbag.”

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Source: Bismarck Tribune, “Man charged in North Dakota with masquerading as FBI agent” Josh Wood, Dave Kolpack, Associated Press, July 16, 2014.